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The Importance of Sample Preparation in XRF

Before analysis with advanced and specific equipment, samples need to be prepared and properly treated. This initial step is a critical part of the overall analysis process as it stops contamination, enhances accuracy, and decreases the risk of distortion. This article will discuss the importance of sample preparation, how it is carried out, and specifically how it is critical for XRF.

How Does Sample Preparation Work

Generally, sample preparation begins with extraction. This involves removing a representative piece of material from a larger source. The goal of sample preparation is to take away analytical results without impacting the specifications of the original substance.

This usually means minimizing matrix elements, leading to a cleaner sampl...

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A Guide to Cleaning Platinum Crucibles

Platinum crucibles are frequently exposed to extremely harsh environments. These environments can decrease the lifetime of the product and its accuracy of measurement. This article will act as a brief overview of how to clean crucibles correctly.

The Benefits of Platinum Crucibles

Platinum is a popular material for crucibles as it has excellent chemical resistance even at extremely high temperatures. Platinum is not subject to attack by any acid and cannot be oxidized at any temperature. This is why platinum crucibles are so well suited to sample preparation of fusion samples and wet chemical digestions.

High-performance platinum crucibles are known for a long length of service and high repeatability due to their extreme chemical resistance.


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Orbis Laboratory Jaw Crushers

Introducing Orbis Laboratory Jaw Crushers.  Our Orbis range consists of dual acting fine crushers, designed by experts with decades of experience in sample preparation.  Our flagship OM100 can take core samples down to 2mm in a single pass.


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