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How to prepare samples for XRF analysis using a Hydraulic Press

When analyzing samples by x-ray florescence analysis the two most popular methods of sample preparation are by lithium tetraborate fusion and by hydraulic pressing.  In the first video of our Expert Series when show you how to prepare samples for XRF analysis using a hydraulic press.  This method involves the use of an aluminium cup, binding agent and die set.


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New product video

We have published a new video on the xrWeigh Carousel flux weighing machine, which you can view here on the product page

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A Brief Guide to ICP-MS

Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is an advanced analytical technique that provides trace and ultra-trace level chemical analysis for a wide range of industries. In this blog post, XRF Scientific aims to provide a detailed introduction to ICP-MS, from initial sample preparation to the technology’s various downstream applications.

What is ICP-MS?

A mass spectrum is a form of histogram that represents the elemental fingerprint of a sample. This pattern is plotted by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of ions versus intensity, which yields detailed information regarding the elemental or isotopic signature of the material under study.

Acquiring this mass spectral data first requires sample material to be ionized via an excitation s...

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