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Methods for Validating Reference Materials

Reference materials are used widely across scientific fields to ensure the accuracy and reliability of analytical results. However, how can we be sure that the reference materials used are an accurate standard to measure results against? Because they themselves need validation. Validating reference materials is a critical part of analytical chemistry as it will ensure analytical results are accurate and can be measured reliably. In this blog post, we will look at methods for validating reference materials, with a focus on fused calibration beads and synthetic ion ore materials.

Validating Reference Materials

The validation process of reference materials involves ...

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing a Sample Preparation Method

Preparing samples for analysis is an essential stage in the field of analytical chemistry, as some testing cannot be conducted without it. In sample preparation, a piece of material or substance is extracted from a larger material for further investigation. Various methods can be used to prepare a sample, but the quality of the sample preparation method is critical for the accuracy, reliability, and sensitivity of analysis results. 

Developing a suitable sample preparation method for your study can be complex for several reasons, ranging from complex samples to contamination and other factors. It is also possible that many stages need to be introduced to adequately prepare a sample, whereas other methods may ...

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Why CRMs are Central to Method Development

Method development is a critical part of manufacturing pharmaceutical products and involves creating an analytical procedure used to evaluate the characteristics of a drug product against regulatory guidelines. The process includes several steps and, if implemented correctly, can ensure a successful drug product from discovery to market. The benefits of a successful analytical method include shorter turnaround times, cost savings, and accurate and reliable testing results. To ensure reliable analytical testing results, certified reference materials (CRMs) are of high importance as they provide a benchmark for accurate and comparable results in laboratories worldwide1. Additionally, CRMs are used for calibrating equipment and quality control applications. In this blog post, we look at wh...

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