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How Are XRF Results Interpreted?

X-ray fluorescence is a non-destructive analytical method that uses X-rays to identify the elemental composition of a range of materials. It is suitable for analyzing solids and liquids forms of materials such as metals, minerals and plastics and is commonly used in geological, mining and industrial manufacturing industries. Knowing how to interpret the results of XRF is vital for any scientist and in this blog post, we aim to provide an overview of how to do so. 

What is XRF?

X-ray fluorescence is produced when a material is excited by high-energy radiation. The fluores...

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What is an Evaporation Dish Used for?

An evaporation dish is a crucial piece of equipment used in laboratories and other testing environments to contain samples of liquids that require evaporation. This low dish can safely hold acids, chemicals, and small samples, which are then heated to induce evaporation. This blog post will provide you with a brief overview of what an evaporation dish is and what it is used for.

What is an Evaporation Dish?

Commonly made from borosilicate glass or porcelain, evaporation dishes hold samples so that when evaporation occurs, the remaining residue (a concentrated solution) is contained. These dishes are rounded with a small pouring spout so that any liquids can be re...

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Manual Vs. Auto Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a machine used to exert a compressive force upon an object based on the principle of Pascal’s law. Pascal’s law states that when a confined fluid has pressure applied, the entire liquid is affected by the change in pressure. A hydraulic press is commonly used in sample preparation, whereby the hydraulic cylinder is used to ‘press’ the sample into a thin film or pellet. They are available in both automatic and manual machines. This article will compare the automatic and manual hydraulic press options and the available range from XRF Scientific.

What is a Hydraulic Press?

Using the static pressure of a liquid, a Read More