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Reclaim the value of used materials with XRF Scientific. Surplus crucibles and molds, damaged labware or thermocouple wires, and so on; each of these represents a source of untapped savings for many analytical facilities around the world. At XRF Scientific, we offer a refining service designed to help you recoup spending when your precious metal products reach the end of their life cycles.

XRF Scientific Refining Services

Our refining service is founded on decades of experience working with commercial analytical laboratories, construction companies, mining exploration, and an array of additional cost-critical markets. By offering a return on spent precious metals products, we help our customers meet key margins through remanufacturing or purchasing at competitive rates.

The XRF Scientific refining service is a custom solution with attractive terms for precious metals on a weight metal account basis. If you would like to discuss the full terms and conditions of our tried-and-true refining service, simply contact a member of the XRF Scientific team today.

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