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HSE Policy

We are committed to ensuring our people thrive and everyone goes home safely, every day.

Everyone individually in the group is accountable for working safely, looking out for the safety and wellbeing of those around us and minimising our impact on the environment.

XRF Scientific complies with all applicable laws and regulations and has a framework for managing the health and safety of our employees and our environmental impact.

HSE is a shared responsibility, requiring the active commitment and participation of all our employees. We have a continual improvement process with the aim of eliminating work related injuries, illness, and environmental pollution.

The fundamentals of this policy

  • Demonstrate HSE leadership at all levels through visible, proactive and vigilant behaviours
  • Build a culture where positive HSE habits and interventions are regularly recognised, rewarded and reinforced
  • Work hard to ensure everyone understands their HSE responsibilities and accountabilities, including management of this policy. This policy should be placed on the group’s website and visible areas of our premises for employees, clients, and partners to view
  • Focus on individual and team wellbeing, and recognise and manage work‑related stress and other psychosocial risks

Putting the policy into action

  • Report all incidents, injuries and hazards and act promptly to provide support, prevent a recurrence and share learnings
  • Seek input and advice from others to ensure suitable risks, mitigations and actions are enacted
  • Listen to the experiences of our people and leverage their insights to develop solutions
  • Systematically identify hazards, assess potential impacts, develop mitigation measures and implement appropriate controls to eliminate or minimise risk
  • Minimise any adverse effects on our environment
  • Equip our people with the best information, training, resources and tools to enable them to perform their work safely and proactively drive a culture of safety and wellbeing
  • Create an environment where our people and others feel truly supported and empowered to speak up and stop unsafe work
  • Support the management of injuries and illnesses through early intervention, rehabilitation and return to work programs
  • Comply with all HSE obligations as set out in relevant legislation, compliance codes and standards e.g. Australian Standards

Policy approved in October 2020 by Vance Stazzonelli, CEO