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XRF Analysis

X-ray Fluorescence is a popular analytical technique used to evaluate the chemical purity and composition of materials.  EDXRF and WDXRF instruments are commonly used in mining production and exploration, industrial manufacturing processes and research.


XRF Sample Preparation Technology 

The technology XRF Scientific provides allows users to prepare samples into a form that can be accurately analysed.  For this purpose our main expertise are in lithium borate fusion, which helps to overcome the matrix effect through a chemical dissolution of a sample into a lithium borate flux.

The process involves first crushing and pulverising a sample down into a fine dust with a controlled particle size.

The sample and flux are then weighed out accurately, either manually or through automated dosing machines.  Once prepared the mixture is placed into a platinum crucible and fused together at over 1000 degrees Celsius inside a specialised fusion furnace.  After the fusion process has been completed, the machine will then automatically pour the mixture into a platinum mould for cooling.

The final result is a fully cooled glass disc, which can be presented to the XRF spectrometer for analysis.


Products for Sample Preparation


Process TaskProduct Group
Sample grinding Laboratory crushers and pulverisers
Sample dryingLaboratory drying ovens


Products for Lithium Borate Fusion


Process TaskProduct Group
Chemical sample dissolution Lithium borate flux chemical reagents
Chemical sample dissolution Chemical reagent weighing instruments
Chemical sample dissolution Sample and reagent processing vessels - platinum crucibles and moulds
Chemical sample dissolution Refining service - turn used platinum crucibles and moulds back into new
Chemical sample disollutionFusion release agents - chemical additions to assist pouring of the sample from the platinum crucible into the platinum mould
Chemical sample dissolution Sample and chemical reagent melting furnaces - electric and gas fusion machines
Sample Preparation Method development - custom design of the sample preparation process from start to finish


Products for XRF Spectrometers


Process TaskProduct Group
X-Ray Spectrometer maintenance Drift monitors for x-ray tube monitoring
X-Ray Spectrometer calibration Fused calibration beads - customised beads made perfectly flat for calibration of an XRF spectrometer