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Ensure the integrity of your spectroscopic research by utilizing the highest quality general labware for every sub-process in the analytical testing cycle. XRF Scientific has decades of experience in the provision of high-reliability platinum and zirconium labware for both standard and specialty laboratory procedures.

With unmatched experience in the fields of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively-coupled plasma (ICP), XRF Scientific is now positioned as one of the foremost general labware suppliers for XRF and ICP applications worldwide.

General Labware for XRF and ICP

High-quality general labware can instill confidence about the reliability of your results, allowing researchers to focus on the parameters that matter most. With platinum and zirconia, analysts gain exceptional mechanical stability and chemical inertness at temperatures exceeding 1000°C (1700°F), routinely meeting the demands of tough XRF and ICP applications.

Beakers, crucibles, dishes, and molds based on platinum (pure or alloyed) and zirconium offer dependable performance across numerous use cycles, and XRF Scientific supplies these general labware products in a range of configurations and geometries. Follow the individual product links below to find the specifications of our ICP and XRF products.

General Labware from XRF Scientific

XRF Scientific is a trusted general labware supplier with decades of experience in the development of custom solutions for XRF and ICP applications. If you have any specific questions about our product catalog, simply contact a member of the XRF Scientific team today.

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