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Our Platinum Crucible Line

Our crucible line offers a wide range of dimensions and variations suitable for every need in the analytical lab. To optimize the labware for the chosen processes in respect to temperature, stability, susceptibility to oxidation, easy cleaning and lifetime performance we have several materials (e.g. Pt, PtAu5, PtIr3, PtRh10 etc.) available. Adapting the weight or include a reinforced rim are additional options to create the perfect solution. Everything is based on years of experience in production and precious metal handling.

XRF Scientific Platinum Labware

XRF Scientific Platinum Labware is the reference brand for labware, for XRF sample preparation or all other analytic methods. Produced in house from melting to the finished product XRF Scientific is setting the benchmark for high quality platinum labware – everything from one source, worldwide.

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