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The Working Principle of an XRF Spectrometer

An X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer is an X-ray instrument that is employed for the routine chemical analysis carried out on sediments, rocks, minerals and fluids. It is a relatively non-destructive technique that works on wavelength-dispersive spectroscopic principles. XRF instrumentation is generally used for bulk analyses of larger areas of minerals and materials.

The Key Principles of XRF

The technique used by XRF spectrometers is possible because of the behavior of the atoms when they interact with radiation. If material is excited via high-energy, short-wavelength radiation it may become ionized. If the energy is high enough it will have the capacity to dislodge an inner electron that has been tightly held. After this, the atom becomes unstable ...

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Fusion Machine Suppliers Across the World

Every day, thousands of researchers worldwide entrust fusion machine suppliers with their sample preparation. Fusion machine suppliers play a vital role in ensuring that fusion machines are capable of quick, straightforward and – most importantly – consistent results. In this blog, we explore how fusion machines work, their benefits, and the different technologies that fusion machine suppliers use to prepare XRF and ICP analysis samples.

What is a fusion machine?

Fusion machines are used to prepare solid samples in “fused bead” or “fused disc” form for analysis via x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy or inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy.

Before fusion takes place, the sample must be ground into a fine powder. This powder is...

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Key Uses of a Hydraulic Press

Hydraulics is a technology that leverages the physical properties of fluids to exert mechanical forces in engineering, industrial, scientific and other applications.

Hydraulic presses, in particular, are used in a wide range of industries to assemble, bend, crush, or otherwise alter the shapes of materials. A hydraulic press — also known as a Bramah press — is a machine that uses synthetic, water or petroleum-based fluids to move a cylinder for the purpose of generating a compressive force1. Laboratories use hydraulic presses to prepare samples for analysis.

This blog will outline the principles of operation behind a hydraulic press and present some useful applications.

What is a Hydraulic Press?

A hydraulic press is a machine ...

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