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Guarantee precision and repeatability at every stage of your sample preparation chain, using a suite of high-performance laboratory ware based on zirconium alloys. At XRF Scientific, we offer a choice of zirconium labware designed for highly-corrosive fusion processes. With excellent thermodynamic stability and negligible reactivity with most acids and alkalis, our zirconia products empower analytical chemists in routine and experimental fusions alike.

We supply zirconium labware in a choice of configurations to ensure maximum ease and flexibility to end-users. From low-form to fluxer-style zirconia crucibles, XRF Scientific stocks solutions that are highly compatible with our own proprietary instrumentation as well as various third-party systems.

Choosing Zirconium Labware

Though platinum crucibles and molds are ubiquitous in analytical chemistry today, zirconium labware has emerged as an ideal supplement. Its lifespan excels through fusions associated with high corrosivity and specific chemistries that may be detrimental to platinum alloys.

Looking for Zirconium Crucibles from XRF Scientific?

We offer standard zirconium labware in four distinct configurations: Fluxer-Style Zirconium Crucibles, Low-Form Zirconium Crucibles, Standard Zirconium Crucibles, and Straight Wall Zirconium Crucibles. Each product line covers a range of capacities to meet the needs of your specific testing parameters and analytes.

XRF Scientific Zirconium Labware

XRF Scientific is one of the industry-leading suppliers of analytical labware for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry. Contact a member of the sales team today for full specifications and pricing on our zirconium labware range.

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