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Obtain the best possible analytical results with highly specialized fusion labware engineered to fit machines from a broad range of manufacturers. XRF Scientific furnishes customers around the world with finely-tailored crucibles and molds that add value and longevity to their sample testing operations.

XRF Scientific was based on a foundation of expertise in fusion flux production and has since become one of the foremost suppliers of fusion labware worldwide. We are trusted to deliver a range of unique labware solutions that meet the demanding requirements of modern X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) sample preparation applications.

Fusion Labware for XRF and ICP

Getting the right labware for your sample preparation process is key for meeting the highest standards of precision and repeatability. Our catalog of crucibles and molds is available in a wide range of configurations and geometries specific to some of the market’s leading fusion machines. Whether you run a Phoenix fusion machine or an xrFuse product, XRF Scientific can provide confidence in the labware that you choose for your testing cycle.

Our full range of fusion labware products offers a flawless analytical surface based on inspected high purity materials. XRF Scientific crucibles and molds are available in a tried-and-tested platinum-gold alloy (95:5), or special fusion alloy (SFA), to satisfy the demands of complex and proprietary sample preparation sub-processes.

Fusion Labware from XRF Scientific

XRF Scientific is a world leader in the design and supply of fusion labware for challenging XRF and ICP applications. If you would like to learn more about our full range of products or have products about integrating our solutions with an existing system, please contact a member of the team today.

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