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How Does an XRF Spectrometer Work?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is the measurement and analysis of samples excited by incident radiation. It is a non-destructive method of material characterization, allowing for accurate investigations into the elemental and chemical make-up of metals, ceramics, geological samples, historical items, and more. This method relies on an XRF spectrometer, and specialized sample preparation routines to ensure excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The two primary components of an XRF spectrometer are an x-ray output and a sensitive detector capable of determining fluorescent x-rays from the incident light. This array emits a beam of x-rays or gamma rays into a sample, exciting electrons within the sample’s inner atoms and displacing them from their orbital shells....

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How a Laboratory Crusher Works

A laboratory crusher, or pulverizer, is a device designed to forcefully reduce solid samples such as rocks to fine dust or powder for molecular analysis. It is a crucial process for XRF sample preparation of dry, organic samples as the particle sizes of substances must be reduced to micro scales for accurate XRF analysis to take place.

After a geological sample has been processed through a laboratory crusher it can be spectroscopically analyzed to determine various material properties of the sample, and by extension of its wider environment. Laboratory crushers are therefore crucial components for various environmental studies, enabling researchers to extrapolate accurate data about an ecological area with minimal invasiveness.

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Performing Flux Measurement with XRF Products

XRF sample preparation requires absolute precision to ensure that accurate results are obtained with a high degree of repeatability, for example: flux measurements must be carried out with exactitude to ensure the best possible sample purity and the consistency of test parameters.

Flux measurements are necessary but time-consuming tasks which are often performed manually during XRF sample preparation processes. However, dedicated flux measurement equipment has been developed to reduce the tediousness and improve the accuracy of this stage of the procedure through automated measurement and dosing of fusion flux powders.

XRF Scientific manufactures and supplies two intuitive flux weighing mechanisms proven to advance precision and traceability of fusion flux compound measure...

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