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Platinum Products for Use in Industrial Furnaces

Exhibiting extreme heat-resistance and chemical inertness, platinum products play a vital role in industrial furnace applications. From our manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, XRF Scientific are able to manufacture platinum products to suit the most demanding applications.

Advantages and applications of platinum

Platinum is a ductile silver-white metal known for its rarity and desirable physicochemical properties. Platinum has an extremely high melting point, which makes platinum products extremely valuable for high-temperature applications. In addition to this, platinum products are highly chemically stable, enabling them to resist corrosion even at high temperatures.1

The combination of heat and corrosion resistance means that platinum pro...

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XRF Solutions from XRF Scientific

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is utilized when rock samples and other industrial materials need to be analyzed from a geochemical point of view. Samples are examined through an XRF spectrometer by impinging X-ray light onto a sample and then measuring the fluorescence emitted after being excited by the primary X-ray source. Throughout this post, we will look at XRF Scientific’s XRF solutions and a specific product under each category.

What Does XRF Scientific Offer for XRF Analysis?

XRF Scientific specializes in providing many products for XRF analysis, including sample preparation instruments, chemicals and maintenance products.

Sample Preparation Instruments

The first part of the XRF analysis process requires a samp...

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The Importance of Spectrometer Calibration

A spectrometer is a term used for any instrument that is used to study, identify and analytically measure electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by a material, in order to identify the elemental composition of a material.

In X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, samples are flooded with high-energy X-rays to find out what a material is composed of. This is carried out by measuring the fluorescent, or secondary, X-rays that are produced once they have interacted with the primary X-ray source.

What Is Spectrometer Calibration?

Although the XRF instruments hold many strengths, like any machine or instrument, they need regular maintenance in order to ensure an optimal performance. When a spectrometer is calibrated, it ensures the instrument is ‘se...

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