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What is X-Ray Fluorescence?

X-ray fluorescence is the phenomenon of fluorescent x-rays being emitted from a material that is excited with gamma rays or x-rays. The phenomenon is used as a non-destructive analytical technique to determine the chemistry and material composition of a sample.

The technique is extremely versatile and can be used to analyze a wide range of materials for most of the periodic table. This blog post will discuss x-ray fluorescence in more detail.

How Does X-Ray Fluorescence Work?

X-ray fluorescence works on the process of ionization, which is where an atom receives a positive or negative charge by gaining or losing electrons to form ions. For x-ray fluorescence, atoms within a material may ionize when it is exposed to gamma rays or short wavelength x-r...

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Using a Fusion Machine for XRF Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is the process of treating a sample before it is analyzed. For XRF applications, the better a sample is prepared the better and more accurate the results will be.

There are many methods of sample preparation, which all have their own benefits. This blog post will discuss the use of a fusion machine for XRF sample preparation.

Fusion Sample Preparation

For XRF analysis, samples prepared using fusion to form fused beads provide a nearly ideal homogeneous representation of the sample. This is why this method is often considered the best for solids.

Either a gas or electric fusion machine can be used to perform this sample preparation. The fused beads are produced by mixing a flux with a sample that has been finely powdered and...

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Launch of new fusion machine – Phoenix GO

We are excited to announce the launch of a new fusion machine, Phoenix GO! Our new machine uses gas only, is incredibly efficient to run and without compromise. It has all of the features of a high end fusion machine and more. With Phoenix GO you get complete control over the fusion temperature, sample mixing and cooling speeds. Want the highest level of safety available in a gas fusion machine? Check out more on the Product Page.

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