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Exploring Key Features of Thermogravimetric Analysis Equipment

The main purpose of thermogravimetric analysis is to help us understand how a material will respond to heat. By considering a material’s response to the thermogravimetric testing, this provides insights into its future applications. 

Essentially, thermogravimetric analysis uses thermal analysis on different materials, such as polymers like fibers, thermosets, and composites, to learn about how their structures may change, for instance through thermal decomposition, as the temperature is altered. A measurement is then ascertained by observing th...

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What is the Principle of Thermogravimetric Analysis?

Thermogravimetric analysis is extremely useful for administering quality control and ensuring that various industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and polymer manufacturers, can comply with different safety procedures.

We can learn a lot about a material through thermogravimetric analysis. This includes its structure, purity and how quickly it dries, combusts or decomposes. It also examines how well a material can absorb liquid or remain stable under different levels of heat. Find out more about it below.

Fundamentals of Thermogravimetric Analysis

At its core, thermogravimetric analysis measures the ma...

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New product release – xrWeigh

The next generation of xrWeigh has arrived!


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