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Improve the reliability and reproducibility of your results with fully-inspected high-purity platinum dishes. Optimized for difficult evaporation processes and general high-temperature applications, XRF Scientific’s class-leading platinum products pave the way to greater analytical performance by resolving challenges throughout sample preparation pipelines.

Our catalog of platinum labware products is the reference brand for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sample preparation and many other analytical techniques. From ashing to milk analysis, XRF Scientific is one of the world’s most trusted platinum dish suppliers for aggressive analytical procedures.

Platinum Dishes for Sample Preparation

XRF Scientific engineers screen all incoming raw materials to guarantee the purity of our platinum compounds. Each alloy meets tight grade specifications before being rendered as a seamless finished part, eliminating weak spots for a flawless analytical surface.

Our platinum dish line covers two distinct shapes: Cylindrical and standard. Each one is available in a range of configurations and dimensions, with a flat bottom to facilitate faster weighing and ease-of-handling. The alloy, profile, and weight of your platinum dish can be tailored for distinct user requirements including specific thermal stability, susceptibility to oxidation, lifetime performance, and so on.

Platinum Dishes from XRF Scientific

XRF Scientific supplies platinum dishes to professionals in various industries and areas of life sciences. Our platinum labware is subsequently varied to suit the distinct needs of users across a broad spectrum of applications. For more information on platinum dish pricing, configurations, and more, simply contact a member of the XRF Scientific sales team today.

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