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Handle samples safely and securely at critical moments of production using high purity platinum beakers. XRF Scientific is one of the world\’s leading platinum labware suppliers with a working knowledge of the manufacturing challenges in a wide range of chemically-intensive markets. Our comprehensive line of general labware is tailored to resolve these issues and add value to your production cycle.

Platinum Beakers for ICP

Platinum beakers are routinely utilized for crystal growth and glass melting applications, typically to contain molten substances during hot-dipping, seed crystal drawing, and many other sub-processes. General labware based on pure platinum (Pt) and its alloys – with a minimum platinum content of 90% – excels in high-stress applications like these. With enhanced physicochemical stability at elevated temperatures, they practically eliminate cross-contamination issues to preserve the integrity of your results.

The exceptional strength of platinum also allows us to engineer taller-form beakers that are lightweight, thus providing cost-savings without compromising on quality. XRF Scientific platinum beakers come in capacities of 110 or 220 cubic centimeters (cc), with chamber depths ranging from 70 – 80 millimeters (mm).

XRF Scientific: General Labware & Platinum Beaker Suppliers

XRF Scientific has decades of experience designing finely tailored platinum labware for demanding sample preparation applications. We provide standard off-the-shelf products and custom solutions upon request. Contact us for more information on our general labware range, or to request a quote for our platinum beakers.

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