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What is a Laboratory Crusher Used For?

Laboratory crushers, also known as jaw crushers, are devices used to reduce solid samples like rocks or crystals into powder or dust. Crushers are used for a range of applications and processes, here we outline some of the key characteristics of crushers and their uses.

How Does a Laboratory Crusher Work?

The key mechanism of laboratory particle size reduction is the jaw crusher. This machine uses a fixed plate with a mechanically operated gyrating plate. The plates are arranged in a funnel shape with a wider opening for the feed at the top and a narrow discharge at the bottom. The plates move against each other in a rocking motion, crushing samples and moving towards the discharge area.

Key Applications for Jaw Crushers 

Many applications would be suitable for jaw crushers such as:

  • Breaking down large glasses
  • Rock ranging
  • Reducing building rubble
  • Crushing different kinds of ore

Types of Laboratory Crusher

Laboratory crushers come in a range of sizes and configurations for different crushing applications.

Single Toggle Laboratory Crushers

Single toggle laboratory crushers operate with an eccentric shaft above. The eccentric is built into a single jaw plate that moves up and down whilst the jaw crusher pivots below. This causes the jaw to travel in an arc, crushing the material against the fixed plate.

These laboratory crushers can be made in a range of configurations including heavy-duty and light which employ stainless steel housings. The single toggle crusher has fewer bearings and shafts than its double toggle counterpart as only one toggle moves from the bottom of the swinging jaw to the fixed point.

Double Toggle Laboratory Crushers

In a double toggle jaw crusher, an eccentric shaft drives the front and rear toggles up and down to move the crusher jaw. Both of the shafts cause the moving crusher jaw to close when pushed down and open when pushed up.

The double toggle crusher works by crushing the materials between two jaw plates without requiring the rotary motion used in a single toggle jaw crusher.

The Orbis Laboratory Crusher

The Orbis laboratory crusher range from XRF Scientific employs dual action fine crushers, reducing simples by as much as 55 times their original size.

To find out more about our line our laboratory crushers, get in touch with the team at XRF Scientific today.