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How thermogravimetric analysers are used in the iron ore mining industry

Thermal analysis is a critical process for iron ore mining and helps producers to achieve accurate sample analysis.

Moisture Analysis

In iron ore mining water is used to control product quality and dust.  Excess water content can affect prices paid for iron ore and can also be a safety issue during shipping.  Using a TGA to measure moisture can allow for an accurate determination of water content and will provide pricing assurance to both suppliers and customers of iron ore.

Loss on Ignition Analysis

For iron ore miners, Loss on Ignition analysis by TGA is complementary to the XRF analysis process in determining elemental or oxide concentrations.  Such analysis allows iron ore laboratories to understand the true ratio of flux and sample, which is critical data that must be provided to the XRF spectrometer.

For steel producers, Loss on Ignition analysis by TGA allows for production determinations to be made at the blast furnace for steel production.

TGA from XRF Scientific

Our xrTGA has been designed for the various thermal analysis processes of iron ore mining companies.  The instrument can comply with standards including Moisture and loss on ignition in iron ore – ISO 3087:2011 and ISO/TR 18230:2015.

For further details please visit the product page or contact an XRF Scientific sales representative in your region.