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How a TGA can be used to produce better flour products

TGA’s can play a critical part of ensuring quality in milled flour products.

Moisture Analysis for shelf-life stability

Moisture analysis of flour by TGA will confirm water levels are within an acceptable limit to ensure product quality and shelf-life stability.

Ash Analysis for improved baking quality

During flour milling, the endosperm (used to produce white flour) is separated from other contents (bran and germ) of a wheat kernel.  Non endosperm contents are important to remove as they can reduce baking quality.  An Ash analysis by TGA can be used to confirm that the non-endosperm contents are being separated out by the flour miller.  This is possible as these contents are much higher in mineral content than the endosperm.  Organic content burns off during the Ash analysis of flour, leaving only mineral content.  The starting and final weights can therefore be compared to determine the percentage of mineral content in the flour.

xrTGA for flour thermal analysis

Our xrTGA has been designed to meet the thermal analysis needs of flour producers.  The instrument can comply with standards including Moisture and ash determination in flour – AOAC 925.10 & AOAC 923.03.

For further details please visit the product page or contact an XRF Scientific sales representative in your region.