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Why do cement producers perform thermal analysis?

Why do cement producers perform thermal analysis?

Thermal analysis is an important part of cement production, as it allows producers to monitor and improve upon the quality of their production.  Using a TGA, Loss on Ignition analysis can be performed, where the samples are heated to ~1000°C and the weight loss subsequently measured.  A high loss could indicate pre-hydration of carbonation in cement.  Carbonation in cement is an issue for the construction industry as it can cause steel reinforcements to corrode.

In XRF analysis, Loss on ignition analysis by TGA is complementary to the determination of elemental or oxide concentrations (ASTM C114 Standard Test Methods).

 xrTGA for cement laboratories

Our xrTGA has been designed with cement producers in mind, including compliance with standards Loss on ignition in cement – ISO 29581-2:2010 / ASTM C 114.

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