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Maintain your instrument’s optimum performance over the full course of its lifespan, using XRF Scientific drift monitors. Designed as reliable calibration standards for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry calibration, our drift monitors can detect minute mechanical drifting to ensure the ongoing reliability of your results.

We offer a range of precision Ausmon drift monitors based on distinct chemistries to provide a simple method of correcting gradual instrument drift, whether your setup concerns construction materials or rare earth minerals.

Drift Monitors for Calibration Standards

Though our drift monitors are not Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), they are built on years of expertise in crafting reliable consumables for XRF spectroscopy. This breadth of experience helps us generate repeatable drift monitors for any common analytical process.

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Conventional spectrometer calibration can be costly, tedious, and time-consuming. Our drift monitors replace the need for sequentially testing relevant elements by closely matching the elemental composition of specific analytes. Off-the-shelf drift monitors may comprise tens of individual elements with elevated trace intensities. They also exhibit a magnitude correspondence to any given sample’s fluorescent count rates.

Drift Monitors from XRF Scientific

XRF Scientific is an institution in the field of sample preparation and quality assurance (QA) in spectroscopy. If you would like more information about our drift monitor product range, or wish to place an order, simply contact a member of the XRF Scientific team today.

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