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The Range of Fusion Equipment Available from XRF Scientific

Fusion equipment is used to perform borate fusion, a sample preparation method where an oxidized sample is dissolved in a molten flux at around 1050oC. Fusion equipment is typically used for sample preparation for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analytical techniques.

The process of borate fusion doesn’t use any concentrated or toxic acids, which makes it safe, and the sample preparation time is considerably shorter than other methods. Using a fusion machine results in a very effective and pure sample, improving any further analysis.

Typical samples that can be prepared using a fusion machine include ceramics, rocks, pigments, ores, and cement.

This blog post will highlight the range of fusion equipment available from XRF Scientific.

XRF Scientific Fusion Equipment

XRF Scientific manufacturers both electric and gas fusion machines for XRF and ICP applications.

Our electric fusion machines ensure high automatic throughput for an efficient sample preparation procedure and have long-term reliability. The Modutemp Shaking Fusion Furnace is suitable for high-volume sample preparation. This instrument can produce up to 30 fused beads per hour with it’s highly controlled and timed process.

This six-place piece of fusion equipment ensures high levels of reliability, with a simple installation and operation.

The xrFuse range of electric fusion machines has been developed based on over 25 years of experience in fusion equipment and technology. They boast zero contamination of the sample, ensuring a pure sample, and they provide simple and safe operation. These instruments have a quick change-out mechanism, allowing users to alternate between XRF and ICP with little time or effort.

Gas fusion machines from XRF Scientific ensure the absolute highest automatic throughput and low levels of contamination.

Our Phoenix range of gas fusion machines has a long-standing reputation of being able to fuse the most difficult samples, reliably.

The Phoenix GO uses gas only, without any oxygen or compressed air for a more economical solution to sample preparation. The Phoenix II is the most advanced fusion machine available on the market, with a number of additional features. The adaptive burner control system allows the user to electronically set the burner temperature.

XRF Scientific

This blog post has only touched briefly on the fusion equipment that is available from XRF Scientific. Our products are used to perform effective sample preparation for XRF and ICP applications. If you would like any more information about the fusion equipment we manufacture, please contact us.