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Performing Flux Measurement with XRF Products

XRF sample preparation requires absolute precision to ensure that accurate results are obtained with a high degree of repeatability, for example: flux measurements must be carried out with exactitude to ensure the best possible sample purity and the consistency of test parameters.

Flux measurements are necessary but time-consuming tasks which are often performed manually during XRF sample preparation processes. However, dedicated flux measurement equipment has been developed to reduce the tediousness and improve the accuracy of this stage of the procedure through automated measurement and dosing of fusion flux powders.

XRF Scientific manufactures and supplies two intuitive flux weighing mechanisms proven to advance precision and traceability of fusion flux compound measurements for sample preparations. This article will explore the features and specifications of these systems in some more detail:

XRF Flux Measurement

Fusion flux chemicals typically consist of a lithium tetraborate (Li2B4O7) and lithium metaborate (LiBO2) eutectic mixture which must be structurally similar to the sample due for analysis, hence the availability of lithium borate mixtures of various ratios with differing physiochemical structures. A flux must be accurately measured and dosed to a sample to specific ratios, otherwise eventual XRF results may be unreliable. Flux measurement equipment therefore must be able to determine the dosage weight of a lithium borate mixture to milligram proportions.

Both the xrWeigh system and xrWeigh Carousel from XRF are capable of performing repeated flux measurement tasks with an exceptional degree of accuracy of within +/- 1mg. Each is equipped with distinct features and operates to varying production levels to suit differing XRF sample preparation requirements.


xrWeigh Flux Measurement System

The xrWeigh provides rapid flux measurement with a 220gm capacity and a readability value of within 1mg. It is equipped to directly dose fusion flux mixtures into vials or platinum crucibles to predetermined ratios or catch-weights with internal calibration for exceptional levels of repeatability, and an uncluttered display improving equipment usability with excellent integration to laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

The xrWeigh has been proven to reduce flux measurement times by as much as 75% for laboratories relying on manual measurements.


xrWeigh Carousel

The xrWeigh Carousel is an intuitive piece of flux measurement equipment capable of automatically dosing fusion flux into as many as 90 vials per hour, with an internal capacity for 30 vials at a time. It features a modular design with a simple interface and easy bottle switching to ensure secure flux distribution through the equipment and improve overall laboratory throughput and repeatability.

The xrWeigh Carousel has also proven 75% faster than manual flux measurement techniques.


Flux Measurements with XRF Scientific

XRF are committed to improving the purity and accuracy of laboratory test results across the world, with a demonstrable expertise in sample preparation materials and equipment for XRF applications. Our fusion flux mixtures are comprehensively high purity, and our laboratory equipment continues to improve laboratory processes across the board.

If you would like any more information about performing flux measurements with XRF products, please do not hesitate to contact us.