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Do you catch the “drift”?

Recent discussion within the industry has highlighted the importance of monitoring the intensity drift of X-ray tubes operating within XRF spectrometers used in the analysis of wide ranging materials.  XRF Drift Monitors allow you the analyst the ability to produce accurate and factorial information that can be relied upon each time.  By running the Drift Monitor within the spectrometer on a regular basis the deterioration of intensities can be monitored and known adjustments made to calculate the most accurate data available.

Obviously this is one of the many products in the chain of XRF sample preparation process and assists in liquid, pressed powder pellet and glass disk analysis. XRF Scientific manufacture high quality Drift Monitors across the commonly known Ausmon range through to specific characterizations applicable to dedicated industries.

Purity of raw materials and low lithium borate content enables us to produce stable, long life, high quality disks. All disks are individually precision ground to obtain a meticulous flat surface and microscopic inspections ensure consistent high quality products every time.

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