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Automatic weighing of XRF Press Pellet binders

For x-ray florescence analysis to be performed, a solid sample should first be prepared into a fused glass disc or pressed pellet.  In both techniques the sample must first be milled to a consistent particle size that is capable of further preparation. 

In XRF press pellets preparation an appropriate binder will assist to place the sample in suspension.  The binder and sample are mixed together until homogeneous and then formed into the pressed pellet via the use of a hydraulic press.  Many laboratories have deployed automated hydraulic presses to ensure high throughput and repeatable preparation of the pelletised samples.

Developments at XRF Scientific

At XRF Scientific an automatic flux weighing machine, xrWeigh Carousel, was previously developed for the highly accurate dosing of XRF lithium borate fluxes, for the preparation of fused glass beads.  This machine has been regularly improved to now even include hygroscopic XRF fluxes that include sodium nitrate additions up to 20% of the total flux mixture.

Developments with this machine has now led to it having the ability to automate the weighing of press pellet binders for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) sample preparation.  If you would like further information, or for us to conduct a weighing trial on your specific XRF binder, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be more than pleased to demonstrate to you how the xrWeigh can lead to the automation of your press pellet binder weighing process.