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Why we developed the Phoenix GO range

Mark Bourke, Technology Division Operations Manager, talks about why we invested in the development of Phoenix GO.  Mark has been with XRF Scientific for over 20 years and is our group expert in Gas Fusion Machines.

For over 20 years we have been developing Phoenix fusion machines, which have traditionally been aimed at the premium end of the market.  The robust nature of our machines meant that with a good maintenance program, they are able to last for more than 20 years in a high throughput production environment.  Demand for the fusion technique has been growing rapidly over the last 15 years, but not all users have the budget for an expensive machine.  After all, if you’re only doing a few samples a day, the economics don’t always stack up to invest in a more expensive machine.

As demand has been growing for more affordable gas fusion machines, we were determined to enter the segment with the best machine in the market.  Our main aims were to provide a safe and robust machine that could fuse almost any sample a lab would need to prepare.  One of the key challenges we faced was removing the requirement of using oxygen to increase flame temperature and stability.  Through a period of 12 months, and series of trials, our team of engineers developed a new type of gas burner that allows users to reach the super high temperatures they are used to achieving on our standard Phoenix range.

As a result of this new technology, which is Patent Pending, users no longer need oxygen or compressed air to experience all of the benefits of a Phoenix.  We have a number of units already operating out in the field, and feedback so far has been very positive.  In fact many users are asking when they can have a six position machine… I guess we’ll need to look at that project in the near future.

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